The Senior Resident Advisory Committee consists of citizen members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council, plus one City Councilmember who is selected by the Council. All members must be residents of the City of O’Fallon.

The mission of the Senior Resident Advisory Committee is to advise the Mayor, City Council, and City Administrator regarding issues affecting O’Fallon’s senior citizens. The committee studies, assesses and renders advice on plans and City programs related to seniors, and brings forth issues and concerns to the City’s elected officials in order to better serve senior residents.

The City Council liaison to the Senior Resident Advisory Committee is Councilmember Dave Hinman.

Please mail comments or questions for the Senior Advisory Committee to the recording secretary Ezra Orde at, or call 636-474-8121.

Utility Tax Rebate program set to run from April 15 to May 31, 2022, for existing and new recipients

If you are an O’Fallon resident who is age 65 or older or legally-disabled, you may qualify for the City of O’Fallon’s Utility Tax Rebate on telephone, cell phone, gas and electric taxes paid to the City in 2021.

To qualify, your annual adjusted gross income cannot be more than $47,550 for a single head-of-household or $54,350 for a married (two-person) household. Social Security income is not counted. If you qualify, City staff and volunteers will help you file for the rebates in person at O’Fallon’s Municipal Centre (City Hall). Filing starts Friday, April 15, and continues through May 31. Hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays.

To file, you must have a photo ID showing your O’Fallon address, a copy of your 2021 tax return, and copies of your 2021 gas, electric and phone bills, including your cell phone bill. If you have been determined to be disabled by the Social Security Administration, you also need legal proof of disability.

For more information please call City Hall at 636-240-2000.

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