The City of O’Fallon offers a Water Service Line Insurance Program that provides assistance for the repair of the water service line that connects each residence to the public water mains. The Program covers all residents of the City of O’Fallon and is administered by O’Fallon Water and Sewer. The program is funded by residents through a $12.00 annual fee that is paid when you pay your real estate tax.

O’Fallon’s Water Service Line Insurance Program was approved by voters during the April 6, 2021, municipal election.

Typical Residential Water and Sewer Connections

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Water service line illustration

What do I do if I think I have a problem? 

The first step is to submit the application and the hold harmless agreement along with your last year’s paid Real Estate tax receipt, and a $350.00 non-refundable application fee. This fee will cover the cost of a necessary leak check inspection of the water service line. This inspection is needed to verify the nature and location of the defect.

To provide the highest level of service to our residents, the City has an in-house crew perform all phases involved in the program. Services may include leak check, water service line location and repairs, if the defect is eligible under the program.

Application and Important Information

If you login to your account to submit an application or review the application, you will need to be in the "Development" section and not on the "Permit" section to find your application.

Eligible repairs

  • Repairs to private water service lines from the exterior of the building, one (1) foot from the foundation wall to the meter pit or curb box.
  • Required street, sidewalk or driveway pavement replacement
  • Yard repair
  • Permits and administrative cost

Ineligible repairs

  • Repair, relocation or damage to structures, retaining walls, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, electronic dog fences and landscaping.
  • Damage caused by water service line leaks.
  • Damage caused by contractors / City of O’Fallon crews performance outside of the scope of work.
  • Any repairs performed prior to applying into the program.

Contact Water and Sewer staff

Water Service Line Repair Program Coordinator 636-379-7611