As a part of Engineering, the Project Management Division’s goal is to provide the City with professional engineering services that ensure long-range comprehensive planning, sound project design, quality construction management and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.

Our Responsibilities

Project Management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific task or project. Tasks such as constructing a new roadway or implementing a new process into an existing system belong under Project Management. These projects are provided to improve the quality of life of the community. Such projects may include reducing the time it takes to drive through town, providing smoother and safer roadways and improving the City’s infrastructure. Project Management also aggressively pursues outside funding and grants to accomplish more projects using minimal City funds.

One of Project Management’s responsibilities is developing a project plan. This entails defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks, identifying needed resources and associating budgets and timelines for completion. Once the project plan is developed, Project Management must implement the project plan. This includes maintaining careful controls to stay on the "critical path”, or ensuring the project is being managed according to plan. Project Management usually follows major phases. These include a feasibility study, project planning and design, right-of-way acquisition, implementation and construction, evaluation and support/maintenance.

Our Division

The Project Management Division is divided into several components that work as a team. The Project Managers each have a specialty; Parks, Storm Water, Traffic and Roads. They manage projects, including Capital Improvement Projects. Construction inspectors and a Senior Construction Inspector work under Project Management to review and inspect these CIP projects.

Additionally, Project Management has a Senior Traffic Technician, who handles the upkeep and maintenance of traffic signs, signals and lights. This technician receives requests and inquiries from residents for traffic and safety concerns, and performs traffic calming studies all year. Find out more about the Traffic Division.

The Storm Water Management Coordinator is also part of the Project Management group. The Storm Water Management Coordinator is responsible for the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Permit regulations and the Storm Water Management Plan as required by the EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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Concrete Pavement and the Eastern Missouri Pavement Consortium

All concrete placed within the City of O'Fallon must be submitted to and approved by the Eastern Missouri Pavement Consortium (EMPC). Approved mix designs will be stored on their website for use. Specifications for concrete pavement are also provided. Any new mix design that is submitted may take several weeks before approval is issued.

The website to access the EMPC is In order to view information on the website, a free account is required. An account can be created by clicking "Login" on the homepage.

Go to EMPC website

Contact Project Management staff

Wade Montgomery, City Engineer 636-379-5567
Vicky Usery, Administrative Assistant 636-379-5596