The Finance Department strives to ensure that O'Fallon is fiscally responsible and fair in management and safeguarding of City assets. We develop and maintain processes, systems, policies, and internal controls that ensure legal compliance and fiscal stability.

Real/Personal Property Taxes

City of O'Fallon Property Tax Breakdown per $100 assessed valuation

General 0.3354
Parks 0.0000
Debt Service 0.1808
Total 0.5162
All Taxing Jurisdictions

City of O'Fallon 0.5162
State of Missouri 0.0300
St. Charles Co. 0.0000
St. Charles Co. Road & Bridge 0.2080
St. Charles Co. Library District 0.1996
St. Charles Co. Developmental Disability 0.1279
St. Charles Co. Ambulance 0.2595
St. Charles Co. Alarm & Dispatch 0.0400
St. Charles Co. Community College 0.2019
O'Fallon Fire Protection District 0.8606
Fort Zumwalt School District 4.8437
Total 7.2874
Other School Districts

Francis Howell School District 4.6481
Wentzville School District 5.2486
Other Fire Districts

Central County Fire & Rescue 1.0616
Cottleville FPD 0.8788
Lake Saint Louis FPD 0.8612
New Melle FPD 0.7372
Wentzville FPD 0.7734

Surtax on Commercial Real Property – The surtax on commercial real property is $0.53 per $100 of assessed valuation. The tax is a replacement for the merchants and manufacturers tax, which was discontinued as a result of a reassessment in 1985. The tax is shared on a proportional basis within each county based on lost revenue from 1985. The assessed valuation on commercial real property is calculated at 32% of the market value.

Property taxes are collected by the St. Charles County Collector's Office. Get more information on the City of O'Fallon's Sewer Lateral Insurance Program.

Current Sales Tax

State of Missouri

  General Sales Qualified Food Sales
General 3.000 0.000
Education 1.000 1.000
Conservation 0.125 0.125
Parks & Soil 0.100 0.000
St. Charles County

  General Sales Qualified Food Sales
General 0.750 0.750
Transportation 0.500 0.500
Capital Improvements 0.250 0.250
County Regional Parks 0.100 0.100
Community Services for Children 0.125 0.125
City of O'Fallon

  General Sales Qualified Food Sales
General 1.000 1.000
Transportation 0.500 0.500
Parks/Storm Water 0.500 0.500

Total Sales Tax 7.950 4.850

Utilities Taxes: Ameren UE - 4.8%, All others - 5.0%
Transient Guest (Lodging) Tax: 5.0%

In November 2000, voters passed a Regional Parks Tax of 0.100%. This tax went into effect July 1, 2001. In November 2004, voters passed a Community Services for Children Tax of 0.125%. This tax went into effect April 1, 2005.

Current Use Tax

State of Missouri 4.225
St. Charles County 1.725
City of O'Fallon 2.000
Total 7.950

Use Tax Notice:  The City of O’Fallon imposes a use tax on purchases from out-of-state vendors in the amount of 2.0 percent. A new Missouri law has expanded the application of the use tax so that such tax is now applicable to certain purchases from out-of-state vendors that were previously exempt. This notice is intended to apprise all interested parties of such change. Pursuant to Section 144.761 RSMo, a petition signed by fifteen percent of the registered voters of the city voting in the last gubernatorial election may be submitted to the city calling for an election to repeal the local use tax.

TDD/CID Tax Rates

The City of O’Fallon has Transportation Development Districts (TDD) within its boundaries. A TDD includes an additional sales tax applied to purchases. It is the business owner’s responsibility to determine if the business is located in one of these districts.

City of O'Fallon

  Sales Tax
Belleau Creek CID 0.08950
Caledonia CID 0.08575
Hutchings Farm TDD 0.08950
Kingsmill TDD 0.08950
Megan Shoppes TDD 0.08950
O'Fallon Station CID 0.08950
O'Fallon Retail Walk CID 0.08950
Mexico Road TDD 0.08950
Waterbury Storm Water CID 0.08950
WingHaven TDD 0.08575

View a map of Local Finance Initiative Districts (TDDs, CIDs and TIFs) (PDF).

Questions regarding sales tax rates should be directed to the Missouri Department of Revenue at
or 573-751-2836.

Contact Finance staff

Vicki Boschert, Finance Director 636-379-5522
Rebecca Kovach, Assistant Finance Director 636-379-5520