The City of O’Fallon’s Adopt-A-Street program is based on the State Highway Department’s Adopt-A-Highway program. The purpose of the Adopt-A-Street program is to increase public awareness and to provide positive community support for anti-litter efforts along O’Fallon’s streets.

The City of O’Fallon’s Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s right of ways. Because of this large task, O’Fallon started the Adopt-A-Street program. The program allows the public to become personally involved in improving our environment and helping to keep O’Fallon’s roadsides beautiful.

Sometimes the Parks Department does not have the resources necessary to maintain roadsides that enhance or blend in with its neighbors’ property. The Adopt-A-Street program joins the Highway Department and its neighbors working together to maintain roadsides. O’Fallon’s neighbors include businesses, industries, citizens, civic and service organizations, and clubs. All share an interest in, and a common sincere concern for, our City.

The Adopt-A-Street program has proven to be successful, and anyone interested in this worthwhile program can contact the City of O’Fallon’s Streets Department.


Adopt-A-Street volunteers are given full credit for their efforts. The City of O’Fallon recognizes them with a certificate of appreciation for outstanding work performed for the City and for all those who travel its streets. Adopters that maintain the minimum 1/2 mile or more section of the City’s street are also recognized with a sign at each end of their adopted area. 


Contact staff

Korey Sheets, Traffic Technician 636-379-3813